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Leading global forum on sustainability & apparel industry

Sustainable Apparel
Forum 2019

Brand Identity, Web Design and Development, Social Media Contents, Publication Design

Web Design,
Web Development

The Sustainable Apparel Forum (SAF) is a leading global forum on sustainability established in Bangladesh to promote the sustainability agenda within the textile and apparel supply chain. 

While designing their brand identity, our aim was to portray their vision of sustainability and circularity in the apparel industry through the collaboration of human effort in its practices in order to preserve the earth’s rich and diverse environment. The design principle we curated for SAF 2019 completely represents its five core values – sustainability, circularity, human efforts, collaboration and environment.

In the brand identity, the triangles portrayed sustainability and convey the essence of water, air & earth as the core elements of life. The overlapping circular shapes portrayed growth and convey the message of creating opportunities for employment and ethical business through connectivity. We also created elements to represent responsible energy consumption, and transparency in production and drew the guide of actions carried out by the diverse workforce, mobilized to produce apparel.

We carefully crafted each element while using them in the printing materials or the social media contents.