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tap is the latest lifestyle wallet in Bangladesh.

Trust Axiata Pay (tap)

UX Research, Customer App Design, Agent App Design, Merchant App Design

Web Design,
Web Development

Tap came to us eager to majorly improve the way its customers managed their personal finances using their mobile wallet. It was crucial for tap to fulfill the users’ expectations, not only according to the experience but also according to how a modern mobile banking app should look.

To achieve this our aim was to make the new app 100% user-friendly so that it would be easy to use and to understand and to keep their current customer base from leaving, as well as to attract new clients. 

Before creating the wireframes and starting the UI design, we run multiple design sprints, conducted multiple interviews, stakeholder meetings, performed competitive analysis and collected online accessible data. We made many improvements to enhance the customer experience by discovering the user’s pain points and problems. Being able to see the whole picture helped us to create a detailed step-by-step product experience that would satisfy the needs of both the users and the business in the best possible way.

Together with tap we achieved our main goal. We provided users with the power to manage their money and to handle all daily financial operations from their home. We also did it in an energetic and dynamic manner that brightens the customer’s day and adds emotions to their daily financial lives.

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